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As a a general engineering company and a solution provider, we at GODERU strives our best to answer all challenges thrown at us. To make it simpler and more focused, GODERU developed three divisions based on its focal point.


The divisions are:

  • GODERU Power, focusing on CME (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical) challenges;

  • GODERU IT, for anything rooted in binaries;

  • GODERU Telecom, focusing on telecommunication challenges.


This area suggests the fields in which we can assist your organization with.



with a smile



GODERU Power with backup from world reknowned companies, has the most comprehensive solutions for your organization.


Whether it's building maintenance, environment management, and production machines modification, we can support you all the way.





GODERU IT has this spirit and is addressed into our goal to deliver our best support to our clients so they will succeed in the competitive environment. In the first stage, GODERU and our principals are engaged to provide solution for emerging market of IT networks in Indonesia.


Our solutions include DSS, ERP, HRIS, MMI, etc. We can also cater a custom made application for your organization.




GODERU Telecom has comprehensive services ranging from Site Acquisition + CME, repeaters, top mounted amplifiers/boosters, Network Management System.


We have  strategic alliance with selected reputable multinational foreign telecommunication equipment manufacturer such as repeater, TMA, broadband wireless, PDH, SDH.


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