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Becoming the reference engineering service provider.
Becoming the technology owner.


Provide more than client’s expectation in terms of accuracy, effectivity, simplicity, convenience, cost efficiency.

Take position as the client’s partner, become evenly yoked with our client. Client’s risk is our risk. 

Maintain good communication with clients.

Make sure our service and product are nicely packaged, furnished with artistic touch.


GODERU Telecom



GODERU Telecom is focusing in telecommunication engineering. GODERU Telecom has comprehensive services ranging from Site Acquisition + CME, repeaters, top mounted amplifiers/boosters, Network Management System. Our tailor-made Universal Network Management System, GUROBARU, has the capacity to monitor and control field equipments regardless of the different makers in one single console. 


In line with these activities, GODERU established strategic alliance with selected reputable multinational foreign telecommunication equipment manufacturer as the agency distributor, representative, as well as marketing agent of them. The equipments include but not limited to repeater, TMA, broadband wireless, PDH, SDH.


We have wide experience in Radio Base Station (RBS) both macro, micro and inbuilding, GSM (2G 3G), CDMA, WCDMA (EVDO), Repeater RBS micro, Wireless Local Loop (WLL), VSAT, Optical Network and SDH/PDH Microwave both macro and micro.

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