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Becoming the reference engineering service provider.
Becoming the technology owner.


Provide more than client’s expectation in terms of accuracy, effectivity, simplicity, convenience, cost efficiency.

Take position as the client’s partner, become evenly yoked with our client. Client’s risk is our risk. 

Maintain good communication with clients.

Make sure our service and product are nicely packaged, furnished with artistic touch.





GODERU IT is focusing in IT engineering. The spirit of GODERU was addressed into our goal to deliver our best support to our clients so they will succeed in the competitive environment. In the first stage, GODERU and our principals are engaged to provide solution for emerging market of IT networks in Indonesia. 


We are covering a wide area in the IT industry, starting from web design, web application development to larger scale of complex IT network. Keywords we cover include but not limited to Management Information System (MIS), Decision Support System (DSS), Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Network Monitoring System (NMS), Element Monitoring System (EMS), Business Support System (BSS), Operation Support System (OSS).


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