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This area highlights only some of our fully succesful projects. We have a 100% rate of project completion. Something we intend to keep that way.



projects accomplished

Bulk Bin


A complex of 8 bulk bins, 2 chain conveyors and 1 screw conveyor system to feed tailor-made trucks


One of the most challenging project for us. The client wish to make a system to ease chicken feed transportation from their feedmill factory to the chicken farms.









GODERU is to modify existing dumper system to accomodate this requirement and make all the material handling modules and the bins.

Canteen Hall Extension


Design and construct canteen hall extension



More of an artwork than engineering. Combining civil techniques with aesthetic to construct this building extension in just 4 weeks due to the client's tight deadlines.









Our scope of work was including but not limited to 2D design, 3D rendering and the construction. The fun part of this project was working with glass panels.



Site Acquisition (SITAC) and construct telecom towers at establishment rooftops











Survey potential locations in a nominal area, while making sure that they have a line of sight (LOS) to far-end point (FEP). Acquire the most eligible site on rental basis with a 10-year contract.


Once a site is acquired, next is the tower construction on the rooftops.

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Design and develop Management Information System web application for Operational and Maintenance


The client wish to have a comprehensive MIS to support their Operation and Maintenance activities regarding tens of thousands of DC battery cells installed in thousands of BTS locations around the archipelago.










Chiller Maintenance


Maintenance of 22 chillers




Preventive and corrective maintenance of 22 chillers for a Japanese client. All works are conducted off working hours.







Educational Machines


Create 7 machines for educational purpose to simulate real shoe factory production process


When we work on this project we were so exhilarated! Making these machines brings back the kids in us. Yes, we always have the kids in us.










The 7 machines we construct from design stage are for role-play educational program where children can interact with, operate and bring home the output of the machines.

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Design and develop corporate website with Flash



A website is a very important mean to pronounce a company's existence. This is something very well understood by our clients. Our task is to design, develop a website portraying the character of our client's companies, acquire domains, and place it in our hosting server.

Elevator Repair


Repair and bring cargo elevator that has been dead for 2 years to life



The challenge was complex. Lacking of documents, available documents are in Chinese, cables have been scrambled by previous non performing contractors, proprietary components are not available in the country. We managed to restore the elevator to its original performance.

Panel Works


Panel assembling, repair, relocation













The client wish us to assemble a new panel for its PLC system. They also wish to repair and relocate an existing panel. The challenge was to perform all the work within a tight timeframe, and to ensure wiring conducted perfectly due to the sensitivity of the PLC system.

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