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Becoming the reference engineering service provider.
Becoming the technology owner.


Provide more than client’s expectation in terms of accuracy, effectivity, simplicity, convenience, cost efficiency.

Take position as the client’s partner, become evenly yoked with our client. Client’s risk is our risk. 

Maintain good communication with clients.

Make sure our service and product are nicely packaged, furnished with artistic touch.


GODERU Solution Engineering



GODERU Solution Engineering, or shortened as GODERU, is a general engineering Company and was established in the year 2007, with legal registration under the name PT. GODERU Rekayasa Solusi. The company was pioneered by a team of professionals with reputable track record and experiences in general engineering industry, whom share the same vision:  becoming the best engineering service provider. GODERU entered into a strategic business in general engineering that includes civil, power, telecommunication and IT discipline as supplier and service provider in terms of integration, installation, construction and engineering design services.


In line with these activities, GODERU established strategic alliance with selected reputable multinational foreign equipment manufacturer as the agency distributor, representative, as well as marketing agent of them. The equipments include but not limited to grain silo, material handling equipments, telecommunication systems, control equipments.


With engineering sector as our core business we are providing services for telecommunication, civil, mechanical, electrical infrastructure, implementation and support in Surveys, Quality Audit, Installation, Commissioning and Integration, Maintenance, Expansion and Performance Support (including technical support) and Implementation/Maintenance Management Support.


Though GODERU is newly established, we acquired full financial support by our own company that covers major project financing facilities under investment and working capital loan agreement. 


Fueled by high competence resources above, we are committed ourselves to jump into the extremely competitive world of telecommunication technology; delivering wide range of innovative and value driven telecommunication services that prioritized on customer satisfaction to build a long term relationship


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